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Morgan Grabarz was founded in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. At the time the founder and namesake was pursuing a degree in fashion design from FIT. The school closed forcing her to return to her Pennsylvania hometown. This expectantly brought with it longing for the life she left in the city.  With newfound free time she poured this emotion into her garments. Using her fabulous city friends as muses, Morgan created a collection paying homage to her old life. The looks were glamorous, adorned with feathers, sparkles and other materials unsuitable for any pandemic occasion. “It was a way to hold on to my old life” she said. 

Fashion design has been her passion since childhood, a dream that never faded. went live in July 2020 and is now available in four retail locations across the northeast. In the post- pandemic world there is a growing market for statement pieces. Each look has a head turning element of fame that is distinctly Morgan Grabarz. 

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8 year old Morgan Grabarz dreaming of becoming a fashion designer.
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